NTI Cloud Tiered Pricing Plan & Policies

Question: How does the pricing work?
Answer:   The pricing structure will consist of tiers of monthly subscription plans. Tiers are based on GB of storage quota only, with limitation on download.

Question: What if I reached my download limit before the end of the month?
Answer:   If the limit is reached for the remainder of the month, the sharing and download button will be disabled and an issue-warning message will be sent to you. The sharing and download will be reactivated at the beginning of next month.

Question: Is there a limit on uploading?
Answer:   There is no limit on uploading files.

Question: What is the subscription plans?
Answer:   Below are the details of the tiered plan.
Online Storage Space Download Limit Subscription Payment
16GB of storage 160GB per month 1-Month FREE Subscription
32GB of storage 320GB per month $4.99 per month
64GB of storage 640GB per month $9.99 per month
128GB of storage 1280GB per month $19.99 per month
256GB of storage 2560GB per month $39.99 per month
640GB of storage 6400GB per month $99.99 per month
2048GB of storage 20480GB per month $199.99 per month

Upgrade Policy
Question: I’ve upgraded from trial to $4.99/month payment plan. How will I be billed?
Answer:   We will automatically charge your credit card and setup recurring monthly charge. The conversion will take place unless terminated during trial.

Question: What if I upgrade in the middle of the month?
Answer:   We charge the pro-rated amount of the delta between the tiers. For example, if the upgrade occurs on July 13 and is upgrading from $9.99/month to the $4.99/month tier the charge is: ((30 – 13 + 1)/30 * $9.99) – ((30 – 13 + 1)/30 *$4.99) = $3.00 and this payment will cover the remainder of July. The second payment (of $4.99) will be charged on August 1.

NOTE:In the event that there’s only one day left in the current month, only one day will be billed for the first payment.

Question: What happens if I exceeded the limit of the current tier?
Answer:   If you exceed the limit, we will request your permission to upgrade to next tier. If you do not permit the upgrade, the upgrade will not proceed. Should you permit, we will upgrade you to next tier and the bill will be based on same principle of pro-ration.

Downgrade Policy
Question: Can I downgrade my subscription plan?
Answer:   Yes, you are allowed to downgrade only if the current usage is within the limits of the downgraded tier. For example if the request is to downgrade to $4.99/month but storage capacity in use is 64 GB, then you are not eligible to downgrade.

Question:Will the charge on the subscription apply after the downgrade?
Answer:   No, the previous tier payment will still apply. The lower-tier payment will be effective the following calendar month.

Cancellation Policy
Question: What will happen to my files if I cancel during the trial?
Answer:   When you cancel during the trial period, we will simply clean up your data but your account profile (e.g. name, email, credit card, etc.) will remain.

Question: What will happen if I cancel in the middle of the subscription?
Answer:   If you cancel during subscription, we will stop the recurring charge for the following month and so forth. You will not receive refund for the current calendar month.

Question: How much time do I have to remove my files online?
Answer:   You will have until end of the month to clean up data from the online storage. Allof your data will be removed by the end of the month except for your account profile.

Exception Handling
Question: Why did my credit card transaction failed?
Answer:   The entered credit card information might have been incorrect or the credit card has expired.

Question: What happens when my credit card transaction fail?
Answer:   If the credit card transaction fails, we will start countdown of two 7-day correction periods:
(1) The first 7-day period: A correction reminder email will be sent to you until the correction has been made or at the end of the period.
(2) The second 7-day period: You will also receive correction reminder email and if you do not make the correction, then account and data will be removed.
(3) At the end of 1st period, we will suspend the account; at the end of 2nd period, we close and clear out the account.
(4) During these two periods:
a. If you submit correct credit card information and transaction is approved, your account goes back to normal status.
NOTE:Your account Start Date remains the same.

b. If you cancel, takes no corrective action, or fails to provide the correct credit card information, we close and clear out the account at the end of 2nd period.